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Solid Black Opals

A solid Opal is a natural stone that, except for cutting and polishing , has not been altered in any way. Some of these lovely black opals may carry small inclusions, which in some cases, can enhance their beauty.

The beautiful, bright colours of Lightning Ridge black opal sit on a natural dark potch [common opal] back, which can range in colour from black through to grey.

Some of these gems may carry small sandpits in their back. Don't be put off by them, unless they're extreme, they don't devalue the stone and are often a hallmark of the genuine article.

A guide to selecting any stone, regardless of grade, is the quality of its brilliance, a full colour face and the way the colours move - particularly so with the rare pieces.

Representation of Colour: Although we have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colours of our products on this website, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display will accurately reflect the colour of the actual product.

Black Opals Available From:

Please note - This product range is provided as an example range and there are many more styles available. Please contact us for details of our full collection.

Exclusive limited Edition Collection black Opal

  • PS-OPAL-LE-001
  • PS-OPAL-LE-003
  • PS-OPAL-LE-004
  • PS-OPAL-LE-005

Solid Black Opals - Rare examples

  • PS-OPAL-COL-001
  • PS-OPAL-COL-002
  • PS-OPAL-COL-003
  • PS-OPAL-COL-004
  • PS-OPAL-COL-005
  • PS-OPAL-COL-006

Argyle Pink Diamonds

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