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Formally known as Maylin Products produced marcasite costume jewelley, alongside Silver and gold jewellery. In 1988 Tredo Products Ltd., the present family owned company opened it's doors producing traditional English product of the highest quality, and finsih in gold and Silver.

The product range includes seamless court wedding rings (US comfort fit( in 9, 18, 22ct and Platinum and today includes Hallmarked Palldium in three weights.

Gold rings are available in all three colours; yellow, white and rose. Wedding rings are available from 2mm through all widths and sizes and the additional products features: a large Cuff-links range, lockets, crosses, bangles, and earrings.

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Whatever your jewellery requirements are, we are sure we can help. From new jewellery ranges and bespoke jewellery, please contact us.

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